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Business Card Scanner Apps

Best Business Card Scanner Apps of 2022

Paperless office’. The idea is novel, but the chance of businesses and offices running 100% without paper is very slim. Yes, we can cut down on wasting paper and digitize much of what happens on an average day. However, something as simple as a business card proves that paper is still here to stay. This…

best roster apps usa

Best Roster Apps in the US 2022

It’s the 21st century and technology is supposed to make business run like clockwork. That’s what marketing tells us. But, how often is that true in your work environment? One thing about technology: It rarely works for everyone in the same way. We’re all unique, right? So, perhaps you just haven’t found the specific innovations…

Free apps to identify plants

Best Free Apps to Identify Plants by Photo

Distinguishing an oak from maple or a chestnut tree is a simple task for anyone, but the list of plant species that grow in America is so long that even the best specialists have had a hard time identifying everything they find while walking through the countryside. Like the Shazam app that identifies song titles or, Vivino, that…